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In MeatEater, Rinella will deconstruct and master any hunting technique; track and pursue prey; and procure his own food, which he will turn into a mouth-watering fireside meal. Far from...MORE
Season 1 : E1Into The Clouds: Sitka Blacktail Deer
Rinella wants to hunt where few have hunted before. To gain access to pristine ground, he charters a float plane to drop him high in the Alpine zone of Alaska's Coastal Rainforest at a little used landing spot, a place that is to remain unnamed. He plans to spend three days alone in the wild hunting for blacktail deer. His strategy is to move from peak to peak, glassing the surrounding country with binoculars for deer whenever there's a break in the fog and clouds. All the while he has to deal with technically difficult terrain, nearly incessant rain, and a bewildering landscape that can easily swallow you up. As it turns out, the weather is particularly nasty on this trip, and he is warned of impending hurricane force winds and rain. To Rinella, it is worth the risk to hunt Sitka Blacktail that may have never laid eyes on another human. If he lands a black tail, Rinella plans to use a rock to pound the delicate loin into tender medallions to feast on before the float plane returns to bring him back to civilization.