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Fresh off from winning its third consecutive Sportsman Choice Award for "Best Shoot/Gun Show," Guns & Ammo celebrates its 10th year on the air by reloading the show with four...MORE
Season 11 : E1Show 1
G&A TV opens the 2013 season with new segments and even more exclusive product reviews that viewers have come to expect. Two new segments, Tactical Hunter and Classic Tests, will provide viewers with expanded programming and technical information. The Tactical Hunter segment, hosted by Craig Boddington and Kyle Lamb, will bring you the hosts perspective on applying tactical elements to the hunt. Craig relies on his military background with the U.S. Marine Corps, while Kyle brings his expertise from years served with the U.S. Army and special operations. Classic Tests, hosted by veteran firearms experts Garry James and David Fortier, brings viewers hands-on reviews where they not only talk about the historic elements of a range of firearms but also conduct actual firing sessions to determine how the firearms function. This week, Garry and David talk about a true classic'the Ferguson rifle. We round out the show talking about the development of 5.56 ammo, offer an exclusive review on Hornady's Critical Duty .45 ACP ammo, and talk about the .380 as a personal defense round.