A Family Affair

23 MINSWildlife ObsessionNR
Mark and Terry's sister Barb Brace and Lind Lurk come out hunting in Iowa. Barb is in a box blind with a muzzleloader and nails a doe. Linda goes back to the same blind looking for action. Linda brings down her doe the following night. Jared is in Iowa early January up in a stand looking to notch his buck tag and makes another encounter with a buck he ran into not too long ago. This time, Jared looks down his scope, squeezes the trigger and drops the buck right in the field. On Lessons Learned, Bobby Cole covers the possibility of growing their white tail in and around their plots by improving antler size and body weight via foodplots. Mark and Terry recall an emotional moment from Dream Season about an emotional and aggressive grunt. More recently, Rich Baugh from Illinois shares his similiar story. Bucks coming in with strange strong grunts designed in competition for does, but remains a mystery to their team.