Hunt of a Lifetime-Don't Use

Dave Reisner and Jared Lurk head up to Alberta to hunt some caribou with a muzzleloader. Jared does some spot and stalk on a nice bull and downs a half velvet half hard horn. Next day, Dave Reisner is up to bat but this time with a bow. Dave Reisner spot and stalks and with a single shot, downs his target. On Biologic Lessons Learned, Bobby Cole with the help of the Drury brothers discuss what they do to improve a foodplot based on what and where you plant your plot and utlizing water sources. Back in Alberta, Jared is filming Dave back with his bow when a herd of caribou cross him and Dave downs another big bull with his bow. Jared isn't done either, he's still got his muzzleloader ready, sets out again to down yet another nice bull.