Robson ventures across the Atlantic to Eastern Canada, the gateway to the new world. For generations these shores have provided settlers with their first glimpse of the Americas. Today, its waters boast world famous fly fishing and world record breaking ocean fishing. Here, Robson will be attempting to catch his biggest ever Atlantic Salmon, his biggest ever Tuna and his biggest fish ever on the fly. His challenge is nearly 3000 miles from home but begins on strangely familiar territory:- the County of Northumberland in the Province of New Brunswick. Here he wades into one of the greatest salmon rivers in the world to take on local legend Debbie Norton. Next he sets out to find one of North America's most elusive sports' fish, the Muskie, which is reputedly so hard to catch it's earned itself the nickname of; the fish of 10,000 casts. He just hopes he's got that many casts in him'