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Robson Green's Extreme Fishing Challenge
Actor and fisherman, Robson Green, is again taking his challenge to some of the most extreme locations in the world- as he searches out some of the most wonderful fish...More
Season 2 : E1Tasmania
Robson heads on a ten and a half thousand Mile journey to a place, so remote, that even the Australians think it's 'down under'. Tasmania, an undiscovered fishing 'Shangri-La', boasts the cleanest air, the purest rivers and some of the most unpolluted coastline in the world. This week Robson will be staring danger in the face as he lands a fearsome Mako Shark. He'll take on a Tasmanian champion and battle with a world record holder. He'll catch a fish of a lifetime, the elusive Elephant Fish, and come face to face with the paparazzi as he discovers the extent of his fame in Tasmania.