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Fox Calling 2
In this film we focus on the two perhaps most crucial factors to fox calling success: How to chose the right time to call, and how to chose the right...More
Season 1 : E1Fox Calling 2 - Keys to Success
When all the pieces comes together, red fox can be easy to call. But during certain parts of the season or certain times of day, or when weather or snow conditions are unsuitable, you may get no response at all. We argue that your timing will decide your success rate. This film is shot in Northern and Central Sweden, with one quick detour to Germany. We’ll show you foxes of both sexes and various ages reacting to predator calls in different months, weather conditions and snow depths. We picked our stands as best we could, given the conditions, and can show you examples of both good and bad outcomes. We may actually show you a few more spooked or missed foxes than we would have liked to, but picking the right time and place is not always easy. If we would only show you success stories, we wouldn’t get that point through. So we’ll show you a few fails – but explain why they occured! Trust us, we also shoot foxes. On several stands we’ve had two come in. How they fared? Well, you’d better see for yourself!